Homegirl/boy Walkabout

Homegirl(boy) Walkabout


The Walkabout is a full year immersion of self-discovery and self-study. Created by Sarah Oblinger, it is a sacred journey you take from your home into the most ordinary parts of life by unwinding down to your core to the wisdom that is innately yours, because it is you.

Following the seasonal rhythms of nature, you find your way back to your own magic and medicine for healing. Walkabouts begin in the spring (April 1st) with “planting seeds and cultivating”. The summer season is about “blossoming and ripening”. In autumn the work is around “harvesting”. And in winter you’ll be exploring dormancy, rest, and beginning again.

The Walkabout is a way of being with yourself that enhances your life and is complimentary to your chosen religious/spiritual path.


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The Birth of The Walkabout:

In Sarah’s Own Words:

My mother died and I turned 60. I was sick and tired of self-help books, 21-day online enlightenment programs, and wondered why workshop revelations disappeared shortly after my return to everyday life.

I longed for more connection and groundedness and felt bombarded and flawed. Creating, sustaining and living an ordinary and sacred daily life felt impossible. I wondered what that kind of life would look like and if others had the same longing and sense of impossibility for satisfying their own longing.

Then the tiniest seed of an idea – what if I went on an at-home-in-my-life Walkabout? What if the seasons of the outside world guided my walking about through my inner seasons? What if everything I met during that year could be my teacher? Could I show up for myself no matter how I was feeling? I decided to give it a try.

My walkabout tools were an altered book, sensing and somatics, nature and my everyday life with its myriad of teachers. My solo walkabout had joys, challenges, hilarity and tears. Internal shifts occurred along with a desire to offer walking about to others. On April 1, 2014 I offered the first Homegirl(Boy) Walkabout.


What supports you while walking about:

  • A private group blog circle
  • Altered books used as a container to hold your creative journey
  • Monthly Collaboration and contact with Sarah Oblinger
  • Monthly creative Inside Out Explorations with Stephanie Gray
  • A Homegirl discount at Camp Wabi-Sabi

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Who walks about:

  •  Anyone who has struggled with creating real and sustainable changes in their lives.
  •  Anyone who has had difficulty keeping alive the space in themselves they discovered in workshops or self-help  books.
  •  Anyone who has a desire to cultivate the ordinary sacredness in their daily lives.
  • Anyone who believes image, metaphor and symbols offer deep healing.


 HomegirlWalkabout_iconWhat People Are Saying:


“The Walkabout gives me a safety net to explore fears I have never spoken and unhealthy self-perceptions that have prevented me from finding happiness in my daily life.” – Vickie, 2nd year


“The real work seems to come after the realization, the practice and for me something that has been very hard, the willingness to be alone with my feelings of uncomfortable. I have some big work to do yet.To really go inside when I want to rush out, to dig deep in to my own crevices to find the calm and certainty.”  –  Carla, 2nd year 


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