Body Meets Soul Sessions

Online process art studio sessions
offer support for you to discover:

You are okay. Right now. As you are.

Life is changing so quickly these days.
Leaving many of us feeling unsettled and alone.
What is true can seem confusing when our lives feel too full.

However, there is one constant and that is YOU!
By discovering and cultivating your own unique rhythms and truths,
you learn to discern what is true for you to live a soul-centric life.


Body Meets Soul Sessions are monthly online sessions with Sarah Oblinger and Stephanie Gray. Where they meet you as you are. Using a creative process Sarah and Steph call Wisdom Books, along with writing prompts, sensing explorations and conversation you discover:

Your life has its own pace. Sometimes fast; sometimes slow.
You possess the wisdom and courage to live your life as you want and as it is.
You become real and tender as you unthaw what holds you in place.
You experience the messiness of unthawing and integrate your body and soul.
Wholeness is the goal; not perfection.


What does a month include?
A month of one hour, on-line, silent Wednesday & Sunday morning studio sessions that include a sensing exploration, scribbling, a writing prompt and time to work creatively in your altered book or visual journal. Except on the second Sunday, which is a longer studio session and includes group sharing.

You choose what sessions you attend: Wednesday mornings. Sunday mornings. Or both.

A monthly Studio Jumpstart video created by Sarah and Steph. Every video includes a sensing exploration, a writing prompt and an after studio time conversation about their own process.

View the video below to get a taste of the video you’ll receive:

They are two of the best self-discovery allies you’ll ever have. They’ve worked, and are still working, their own self discovery practices for over 20 years alone and together. They know the potency of and resistance to showing up, feeling vulnerable and being present. They know the value of being alone in your studio and being with others. They meet you right where you are; offering support and sustenance while you weave your ordinary and spiritual life together in magical and potent ways.

The real journey in life is interior.
It is a matter of growth, deepening, and of an ever greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.

Thomas Merton, “The Road to Joy”

The interior journey

In a safe place

With Sarah & Steph

Finding the road to joy

Currently, it seems the cost for creative self-discovery experiences, whether in person or online, is a lot of money. And that is bullshit. If you are serious about calling yourself back to yourself and re-establishing a connection to your own truth via a creative process, money should not stand in your way. Body Meets Soul Sessions are for everyone, and we offer affordable pricing so money doesn’t need to be a deterrent to anyone wanting to explore this way of meeting themselves.

Fee $20 per month.

Enrollment is on-going so your start date can be the beginning of any month.

To register, email us here. Or pay with Pay Pal via the button below.

Both Sarah and Steph offer their own individual work. You can find about working with them by using the links below.
Sarah: Visit my Work with Sarah page

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