Work with Sarah

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
Mary Oliver

The work I offer is the work I’ve steeped myself in for years.
A distillation of what I’ve learned about paying attention, being astonished and telling about my life.

When we work together, In solo sessions or weekly sessions or a retreat, I’m able to meet you in a number of ways: altered books or visual journals, sensing, writing, scribbling, sharing, listening.

In this work you discover ways to meet your life more authentically as you cultivate a deeper sense of well being.
By asking questions. By exploring your inner themes and patterns as they arise. By meeting the places that scare you. Allowing you to feel deeply okay.

As you are. Alive and grounded.

Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes your discoveries delight you. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes you’ll doubt anything is happening. And sometimes you’ll find a clear space, away from the doubt, where these questions live in you:

What is possible when I don’t have to know the next step or have a plan?

What is possible when I let myself find my way by listening to what comes from a deeper place in me?

What is possible when I let myself be guided by what is arising in me, in the present moment?
While being present for what I am doing?

What is possible when I give up asking if I did it right, is it pretty, what do other people think?

What is possible when I am just here? For myself. Meeting myself the moment.

This is what I offer: a way to navigate the journey of your life. Using sensing and creativity. For softening the edges of your heart. For falling in love with your true nature.

By just showing up and doing the work. Doubting if the work is working in you. Noticing that it is. Diving deep. Feeling lost. Letting things unfold. Being astonished. And telling about it. This is how you feed your connection to yourself. By giving yourself what feeds this place in you. A place where all of you resides. Full of brilliance wisdom sadness delight and more. Just you. As you are.

This way of working with yourself is an unfolding process. Changing and shifting. Circling back around. Moving like a river. Taking you home to yourself.

Interested? Check out below the ways you can work with me.

Work with Sarah:

One hour sessions unfold as we follow what is up for you.
Working in an altered book or visual journal, sensing, writing, listening, sharing.

Reclaiming a used, discarded book or filling a visual journal provides the ground for a deep personal journey.
Allowing the process to work in you. Softening the edges of your heart. Quieting the mental chatter. Trusting your heart voice.
Reframing core beliefs. Allowing more space for all of you. As you are. Right now.

Work with Sarah In person @ her home studio (Dixon, NM) or online zoom sessions from anywhere!
One hour sessions: $60 in person. $50 online.

You provide your own discarded book or visual journal.
Most art materials are provided during in-person sessions. You provide your own art materials for online sessions.
Contact Sarah if you have questions about discarded books, visual journals, and/or art materials.

Work with Sarah

In person @ her home studio (Dixon, NM) or online zoom sessions from anywhere!
One hour sessions: $60 in person. $50 online.

Solo or Small groups. In person in Dixon, NM or online from your studio space into Sarah’s.

You organize your own retreat. A solo retreat, just for you. Or a small group retreat. With people you invite. Who share the same deep interest in using the creative process as you do. You decide whether it is in person, in New Mexico. Or if it is online. From your home and home studio.

You decide how you are going to work; in a visual journal or altered book.

You pick a few dates and times that work for you. Maybe one day. Or several days. Or a week. And decide how many facilitated studio sessions you’d like to have a day during your retreat. Then you contact Sarah about her availability.

You will need to provide your own journal or discarded book.
If you schedule an in person retreat most materials will be provided. If you choose an online retreat, you provide the art materials.
If you would like a materials list, let Sarah know and she’ll send you one.

You can also schedule a 30 minute pre-retreat session with Sarah:
To discuss things. Like deciding if retreating is for you. If it is, then it’s a good time to ask questions.
Like where to stay if you are interested in an in person retreat.
Or how to set boundaries at your home, with your routines and with others, if you are interested in an online retreat.
Or how to choose art materials and a book or a journal.

It’s also a chance to chat a bit about what you’d like out of your retreat. And ask for pre-retreat “seed” planting nudges and suggestions to jumpstart your retreat experience.




Solo Retreats: Fee depends on the number of sessions scheduled.
1.5-2 hours. In person @ Sarah’s home studio or online zoom from your studio to Sarah’s studio.
In person fee: $75 a session
Online fee: $65 a session

Group Retreats: Fee depends on the number of participants and sessions. Contact Sarah for pricing.
2-ish hours. In person @ Sarah’s home studio or online zoom from your studio to Sarah’s studio.
# of participants for an in person retreat: 2-3, including you.
# of participants for an online retreat: 4-5, including you.

Pre-retreat session with Sarah. 30 minute chat for a fee of $30. This fee is deducted from your retreat fee once your retreat deposit has been paid.

We do not receive wisdom. We discover if for ourselves.
After a journey through the wilderness which no else can make for us.
Marcel Proust