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Can you show up as you are?

“…who were you before the world told you who to be?” Charles Bukowski






to meet your unfolding life


Sarah Oblinger

Artist. Ruminator. Inner World Explorer.


Rise & Shine:

1-1 online sessions and personal retreats with Sarah

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Body Meets Soul Sessions (Online)

Body Meets Soul Sessions are monthly online sessions with Sarah Oblinger and Stephanie Gray. Where they meet you as you are. Using a creative process Sarah and Steph call Wisdom Books, along with writing prompts, sensing explorations and conversation


I have been a student of Sarah’s for twenty years and I still find her work to be an extremely powerful experience.  Working in this deep way has made a profound difference in my life and I am forever altered in the best ways.  Sarah has changed my life.

Stephanie G

Co-collaborator, Rise & Shine and The Walkabout

Every time I work with Sarah, I leave feeling more expansive, clearer, deeply enlivened, and with a little more insight about myself.  I’ve had a several big “ahas!” but mostly I receive a sense of being able to meet life with more balance and, at the risk of sounding sappy, love.  My intuition about people is better and I have a better relationship with my own body as a result of the work I did with Sarah.  And the differences I feel in myself after working with Sarah do stick around rather than dissipate with the next difficulty I meet.
Michelle G


Sarah is so caring and encouraging with everyone she works with that her absolute acceptance becomes a path.  This path has helped me go into, find, and show my inner self; that self that is usually contained within an opaque shell.  With her help I’m able to reveal thoughts and feelings that I thought would never be able to share via visual images that I don’t have to explain, unless I want to.  I have become more transparent to others around me, both verbally and emotionally.  Sarah is able to help me translate myself through the images I create into my communication with the people and the world around me.

Diane P.


I’m sharing this with you partly because you loved Max and because I feel such a sense of gratitude to you for the ways you’ve been guiding and sharing and painting and showing up with me all these years. And I know I was able to be fully present and in this heartbreak as it was happening because of this work and your presence in my life.  I don’t remember ever being so honest and raw and vulnerable with something like this before…so between marvelous Max, as my trusty teacher and companion, and your energy and willingness to be in this work w me, I am able to meet whatever’s happening in deeper, more authentic way.

Kim Q.


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